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EU pitches in on Bekaa Valley’s mounting trash problem

In 2011 before the influx of Syrian refugees the Zahle landfill was receiving 46,000 tons of waste per year; last year that number increased to 59,000. The EU has donated 14 million EURO to support waste management projects in the Bekaa Valley and North Lebanon to help alleviate the excess waste.

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Inventor hopes to incinerate Lebanon’s trash woes

Jamil Rima, environmentalist and professor invented a machine that turns garbage into carbon coal fuel in just 15 minutes with the objective of helping alleviate Lebanon’s trash problem.

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Interior minister assures that the land fill cannot remained closed

Interior Minister said that the land fill cannot remain closed. Minister of Environment said he understands protester concerns. However there is no alternative and they have a master plan that will resolve the issue in a year. A committee from Ministry of Public Works and Transport said that they will clear 60,000 square meters for only organic waste and other measures.

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Farmers using agricultural medicine to overcome lack of rain

The lack of rain and warm temperature this winter season has been a major burden to farmers in Lebanon. Irrigating their fields would be a costly endeavor especially for the farmers who manage large plot of lands. Farmers are importing Dormax, a German product used on fruit trees (particularly almonds). It is mixed with water and sprayed on trees.

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