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Israel not only grabs Palestinian land, it pollutes it

Despite efforts to combat this problem, toxic waste generated by industrialized countries is regularly dumped in the world’s developing countries. The Middle East is no stranger to this practice which has been reported in Lebanon throughout its civil war period. One example is unique though: the dumping of Israeli toxic waste on occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel Polluting Palestine 06092010

Source: War Is A Crime

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More is needed to tackle Lebanon’s medical waste problem


Source: US Bio Clean

As Lebanon struggles to find solutions to its municipal waste problems, other waste-related issues are coming to the surface, from improper dumping of industrial waste leading to major environmental damage to the environment to the never-ending predicament of how to hanle medical waste. An article recently published by The Executive Magazine called The Dirt Beneath the Stretcher sheds light the issue of medical waste in Lebanon and does not present a pretty picture. Continue reading

Lebanon adopts food safety guidelines


Source: The Daily Star

The lack of proper food standards and regulations is one of the leading factors that have contributed to the recent food scandal in Lebanon. Monitoring and inspecting food establishments are neither practical nor transparent when there is no clear set of criteria to compare to. The best way the Lebanese government can combat this issue is through quickly passing and implementing a comprehensive food law, supported by procedures and standards. Anything short of this will not resolve the problem, and a food crisis will emerge every few years. Over ten years ago a similar controversy occurred, and the health minister at the time declared that a food safety law will be issued within 6 months. If that law had materialized as promised, the food industry would probably not be in such a dire situation today. Continue reading