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Who recycles what, where and how?

Ecocentra contacted NGOs and companies that undertake recycling initiatives in Lebanon and inquired about the services they provide. If you are planning on recycling at home or at the office, you may find this list useful:

Name Contact Information Material Area Pickup Services
L’Ecoute 70-391908 Carton, electronics, metal, plastic, Hadid Free pick up service and offer recycling boxes
Terre Liban 05-923060 Everything Ba’abda Free pick up service for paper and plastic only and offer recycling boxes.
Sukleen Paper, plastic, metal, glass Recycling bins around Beirut Free pick up service and offer recycling boxes to offices
Lebanese Recycling Work 01-890383 Plastic Roumie Only large quantities for a fee (at least a ton)
Zero Waste 01-381381 Everything except glass Badaro, Sin El Fil Yes for a fee. They offer bins and have a reward system.
Soliver 05-803903 Only bottles and jars that are clear (not green or brown glass) Bchamoun Only large quantities for a fee
Al Zoujaj Al Yadawi 03-906091 Glass / all types Sarafand Only large quantities for a fee
Lebanese Cardboard Corporation 05 940248 Paper Wadi Chahrour Only large quantities for a fee
Plastic Wood 01-491152 Plastic (water bottles) Sin El Fil Only large quantities for a fee
Arc en ciel 01-495561 Plastic, paper, metal Baabda, Gisr El Wati, Gisr El Basha Only for old customers, not accepting new ones
Sipco 05-433553 Paper Kafrchehim No
Unipack Tissue Mill 09-478911 Only white paper Jbeil No
Averda 01-360000 Plastic bottles and aluminum cans Drop off points in: Spinneys branches in  Hazmyeh, Jnah,

Dbaye, Ashrafieh



On the government proposed solutions to the garbage crisis


Source: Breaking Energy

The government of Lebanon has still not found a final solution for the waste crisis. Nevertheless, trash collection has resumed and is being transported to temporary plots of land in different areas. Considering a location has not been agreed upon yet, it is safe to assume that a landfill to replace the recently closed one in Naameh will not be operational any time in the near future. In the immediate aftermath of the closure of the Naameh landfill, residents of different areas have rejected the prospect of receiving Beirut and Mount Lebanon’s trash, leading to protests and acts of vandalism. Continue reading