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Lebanon’s solid waste plan: too little, too late?


Source: Al Akhbar

On Monday, the Lebanese Cabinet approved a three month extension of the Na’ameh landfill, renewable for an additional three months, and the extension of two contracts for private companies managing solid waste. The first company is Sukleen who is responsible for sweeping and cleaning the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon and transferring the waste to a treatment center in Burj Hammoud. The second company, Sukomi, treats the waste and transfers it to the Na’ameh landfill. The cabinet approval comes 5 days before the government set deadline for the closure of the landfill; it became evident in the months leading up to the deadline that there were sharp divisions and the government would not be able to close the landfill. Continue reading

Environmental Minister promises to study suggestions of Naameh Landfill

The Prime Minister, and Ministers of Agriculture, Finance, Interior, and president of CDR with Lebanese Environmental Movement and the members of the close Naame landfill campaign. The government officials listened to the group’s position over the issue. The movement went over the national strategy and provided various studies on it. They also requested an environmental study of the land fill to investigate the various levels of pollution.

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Interior minister assures that the land fill cannot remained closed

Interior Minister said that the land fill cannot remain closed. Minister of Environment said he understands protester concerns. However there is no alternative and they have a master plan that will resolve the issue in a year. A committee from Ministry of Public Works and Transport said that they will clear 60,000 square meters for only organic waste and other measures.

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Proposals to end Naameh protest in the works

The Interior Minister will discuss proposals with local mayors to resolve the Naameh protests. Environmental activists and local residents have been protesting the unsanitary conditions of the Naame landfill. They are accusing Sukleen of dumping non-biodegradable waste; which violates agreement with state.

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