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Will renewable energy fix Lebanon’s electricity problems?

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Source: BRSS Lebanon

Lebanon’s electricity sector has never fully recovered from the civil war which ended 26 years ago. During this time, the national electric company, Electircité du Liban’s (EDL) economic losses have been signficanly high, reaching $USD 2.2  billion in 2012, about 20% of GDP. . As of 2012, EDL was producing 1,500 MW of electricity. Electricity consumption exceeds the total produced by 900  MW, which is 60% more than what is being produced. There are also negative environmental externalities from this sector. Residents of Jiyyeh and Zouq have long complained about the pollution caused by the power plants in the two areas. Continue reading


Hopes for Lebanon’s electricity sector are dimming

Source: Gino's Blog

Source: Gino’s Blog

For the past month, Lebanon has been suffering from nation-wide blackouts as electricity rationing has gotten worse. Power outages longer than the scheduled 3-hour cuts since 2006 are becoming more and in the capital Beirut while other areas of the country are much worse off. Some towns and municipalities have taken matters into their own hands. The municipality Barouk in the Chouf Mountains for example has partnered with private entrepreneurs to install 4 power generating stations and a brand new network to provide electricity to the town. The homes in the town now have 2 meters, 1 for the barely functioning government electricity and another for the municipality’s generator. Continue reading