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The complicated business of depolluting Al Ghadir River

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Source: Ibrahim El Ali

Last week, the Minister of Environment blamed building violations for the “unacceptable” condition of of El Ghadir River, claiming that one of the sources of pollution is sand washers and called for an investigation to determine the full impact the washers have on the river.

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Cleaning up Qaroun Lake

Source: Daily Star

It is no secret that Lebanon’s water resources are in bad condition. A couple of years ago, two studies showed high concentrations of heavy metals and other dangerous pollutants in the Hasbani River and Lower Litani River Basin. Recently, farmers in South Lebanon complained that the water quality of the Litani River was destroying their crops. Villagers from North Lebanon complained of illnesses spreading due to the increased pollution at the Al-Fawar River and a large number of dead fish were found in the Qaraoun Lake. Continue reading

Sidon’s never-ending environmental woes


Source: Emirates 247

In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the UNDP, the Municipality of Sidon has implemented a project to replace the infamous “garbage mountain” that has been a nuisance to the city’s residents for decades. The municipality plans to replace the mountain with a 35,000 square meter park. Today the there is no sign of the waste as the municipality boasts massive environmental benefits as a result. Continue reading

Waste Dumping in the River Joiet

The river Joiet in Zgharta has become a dump site for domestic industrial waste, and wastewater (discarded intentionally by some municipalities). Due the bad odors, mosquitoes, rodents, and health risks the population living within the vicinity of the have been voicing their concerns and demanding that water gets treated and municipalities stop dumping their waste. The Zgharta muncipalty claims that they cannot fix the problem because the Ministry of Public Works are in charge of cleaning water beds.

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