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Update: What is happening in Costa Brava?

Source: L’Orient Le  Jour

Over the past few days, photos of hunters on the coast and dead seagulls have emerged on social media. Acting under the instructions of the Middle East Airlines chairman, these hunters were dispatched to the outskirts of the airport to shoot down the increasing seagull population which it seems have been attracted to waste accumulated at the site of the new Costa Brava landfill. The chairman stated in a television interview that the hunting will resume until “the government initiates solutions.” Continue reading

The Lebanese waste crisis and the way forward

Protest YouStink Beirut August 29 2015 - 1

Source: A Separate State of Mind Blog

The failure of the government to implement a new Solid Waste Management plan since the closure of the Naameh landfill has caused large protests in Lebanon. One of the main demands of the protestors is a permanent, sustainable and environmental solution for the garbage problem, instead of recurring emergency measures that are implemented to solve each crisis. Protestors are also demanding the resignation of the Minster of Environment for the lack progress on this issue. Continue reading

Will Beirut finally have cost effective and sustainable solid waste management?

The Naameh landfill, three months after the government’s promised deadline for its closure, is still receiving trash from Beirut and Mount Lebanon. Amid disagreement between various ministers, the government ended up extending the landfill for a three-month period (renewable for another three months). The contracts of two solid waste management companies that cover Beirut and Mount Lebanon were also extended for the same period. These extensions were justified by the need for additional time to develop a solid waste management plan for Lebanon.

Since the 1990s, Beirut and Mount Lebanon were managed as one service area by a company, Sukleen. The government’s proposed plan splits this area into three, such that each area will now be managed by a different solid waste management company. The companies will be in charge of collecting, treating and disposing the waste. The Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) has issued tenders for these three areas, as well as others throughout Lebanon. Continue reading

US Ambassador visits Minister of Environmenet

The US ambassador to Lebanon David Hill met with the ministers of economy, labor, and environment and stressed the importance of improving economic indicators. The Minister of Environment, Mohammed Mashnook introduced to the ambassador the 5 key projects the ministry is working on and he pledged support the MoE in the implementation of an integrated strategy for the management of solid waste: strategy includes the rehabilitation of 700 landfill sites for $US 50 million. The ambassador also indicated support for a master plan on slaughterhouse management was being prepared that also includes the management of waste from slaughterhouses, and modernizing the environment standards.

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