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The disaster that is the Karantina Slaughterhouse


Source: The Daily Star

The largest slaughterhouse in Lebanon was recently shut down by the Ministry of Public Health. Located in the capital Beirut, the Karantina slaughterhouse is no stranger to controversy. It had been subject to an international campaign by Compassion in World Farming who reported horrific treatment of animals at the facility only two years ago. However, the Karantina slaughterhouse was not closed for animal welfare reasons. According to the Minister of Public Health, the slaughterhouse did not meet the minimum health requirements and used contaminated water to clean the meat it was producing. The minister also ordered other slaughterhouses to be closed: three in the south and one in Tripoli. The closure of these slaughterhouses and some restaurants over the past few months shed light on the importance of consumer rights and safety in Lebanon. Continue reading