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Are the new landfills already polluting Beirut’s sea?

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Source: AUB

Last week, the American University of Beirut warned their faculty and staff not to swim in the AUB beach through an email stating that the “level of bacteria exceeded the acceptable limits for bathing water quality”. A week later, AUB sent out another email stating that the water is now safe for swimming because the “bacteria dropped to acceptable bathing water quality limit.” Continue reading


Power plant under fire as water pollution mars beach hotspot

The Jiyeh power plant has been polluting the surrounding sea in South Lebanon. The head of the Professional Divers Union Mohammad Sarji claimed that the management have been irresponsible and allowing the runoff to enter the sea. According to locals large sections of the sea were covered by an unidentified black substance. Sarji explained that the electricity company uses high pressured hoses on a regular basis “to flush all residues from pipes and machinery.”

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