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Eden Rock Resort: Never-ending transgressions


Source: Daily Star 

Last April, the Shura council reversed their decision that repealed the construction permit of the Eden Rock Resort at Beirut’s Ramlet al Baida beach. Despite the clear violations of a number of environmental and other laws, the court provided no reasons to the plaintiffs or public for their decision.  Continue reading

The case of the Eden Rock Resort and EIA framework in Lebanon (UPDATE)

Update: The Shura council reversed two of its previous decisions to halt the construction permit of the Eden Resort at Beirut’s Ramle El Baida beach. The Shura Council’s first decision was based on number of legal violations related to land and environmental regulations. Until now, no explanation has been given on why the Council decided to change its mind, putting into question the independence of the judiciary in the country.

For more information on the previous rulings and how it impacts environmental legislation:

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Source: The Daily Star

A Lebanese Urgent Matters Judge issued a court order to halt the construction of the Eden Rock Resort on Ramlet El Baida beach in Beirut or pay fine of a 150 million Lebanese Pounds (US$ 100,000) for every day the order is violated. The issue was brought to the court by the plaintiffs (Green Line Association and Legal Agenda) after the developer refused to abide by the two previous two Shura Council rulings. Continue reading

A primer on the Dalieh controversy on Beirut’s coast

Lebanon’s real estate market is one of the most lucrative in the country. The limited amount of land and the high level of foreign capital, particularly the remittances from the Lebanese living abroad, have all contributed to very high prices of property and land. This is especially evident in the capital Beirut and along the coast.

Over the past few months a piece of land on the coast of Beirut, adjacent to the iconic pigeon rocks, has caused a lot of commotion. For decades this land, called the Dalieh, was an open space that people used for various activities. A couple years ago it was lauded in the press as a “true example of utilized public space”. Makeshift cafes were operating on the strip and fishermen had built houses there since the 1950s. Continue reading