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More alarming data on health implications of Lebanon’s waste crisis

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Source: Daily Star

The waste crisis that started in July 2015 has still not been fully resolved. In March 2016, eight months after the crisis, the government announced a new solid waste management plan for Beirut and Mount and Lebanon. The government tried to develop more than one solution but eventually agreed on maintaining the same solid waste management principle that created this crisis which is based on landfilling. As explained in a blog post last June, the process of selecting the locations for the proposed landfills was not transparent, lacked basic environmental selection criteria and seemed to be purely dependent on political bargaining. Despite public resistance, two new landfills in Bourj Hammoud and Costa Brava (south of Beirut) are being constructed to receive the bulk of the waste that used to be disposed of in the Naameh landfill. Continue reading

Results of AUB air quality and waste burning study are extremely worrying

Source: Al Jazeera

On January 28, AUB released their study results on Toxic Emissions of Waste Burning. Between the period of October 2 and November 22 air samples were tested near waste burning sites. The air samples were then compared to previous measurements or to ones taken a week away from nearby burning incidents and after it had rained. The following is a summary of the results with some health related information.  It is important to note that these results are only from samples taken near areas where trash is being burnt and therefore do not represent all of Beirut and Mount Lebanon’s atmosphere. Continue reading

The disaster that is the Karantina Slaughterhouse


Source: The Daily Star

The largest slaughterhouse in Lebanon was recently shut down by the Ministry of Public Health. Located in the capital Beirut, the Karantina slaughterhouse is no stranger to controversy. It had been subject to an international campaign by Compassion in World Farming who reported horrific treatment of animals at the facility only two years ago. However, the Karantina slaughterhouse was not closed for animal welfare reasons. According to the Minister of Public Health, the slaughterhouse did not meet the minimum health requirements and used contaminated water to clean the meat it was producing. The minister also ordered other slaughterhouses to be closed: three in the south and one in Tripoli. The closure of these slaughterhouses and some restaurants over the past few months shed light on the importance of consumer rights and safety in Lebanon. Continue reading