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Eden Rock Resort: Never-ending transgressions


Source: Daily Star 

Last April, the Shura council reversed their decision that repealed the construction permit of the Eden Rock Resort at Beirut’s Ramlet al Baida beach. Despite the clear violations of a number of environmental and other laws, the court provided no reasons to the plaintiffs or public for their decision.  Continue reading


The Kfarabida coastal development: more of the same

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Source: A Seperate State of Mind Blog

The Lebanese Cabinet recently approved the construction of a beach resort on the rocky coast of Kfarabida, located in North Lebanon. This is not a new phenomenon; Lebanon’s 225 km coastline is slowly being eaten up by real estate developers. Continue reading

Update: Water quality along Lebanon’s coast after the waste crisis

The National Center for Marine Sciences Research Center released an update of their previous study on beach pollution. Last October, the results of a sea pollution study were disclosed to the public and two days ago the results were updated with data from May 2016.It is important to note that what was released was a description of the results and not the actual results. The methodology of the study, such as which pollutants were measured, the actual level of each pollutant and the criteria used to judge their level of acceptability have not been disclosed. This information is necessary to properly understand the types and level of pollution. The following figure is an info graphic published by the press indicating the environmental condition of various locations of the Lebanese coast.

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Water quality along Lebanon’s coast after the waste crisis

As the summer heat intensifies, the Lebanese flock to the country’s 225 km coastline. Unfortunately, rampant pollution all over Lebanon has had deteriorating effects in many locations. This has been exacerbated by the months-long waste crisis which lead to over 4,000 illegal dump sites throughout the country – many of which are located along the coast. A video taken by a scuba diver emerged a few months ago shows a large amount of waste at the bottom of the sea off the coast of the town of Jiye, a popular beach destination.

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Source: An Nahar

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A primer on the Dalieh controversy on Beirut’s coast

Lebanon’s real estate market is one of the most lucrative in the country. The limited amount of land and the high level of foreign capital, particularly the remittances from the Lebanese living abroad, have all contributed to very high prices of property and land. This is especially evident in the capital Beirut and along the coast.

Over the past few months a piece of land on the coast of Beirut, adjacent to the iconic pigeon rocks, has caused a lot of commotion. For decades this land, called the Dalieh, was an open space that people used for various activities. A couple years ago it was lauded in the press as a “true example of utilized public space”. Makeshift cafes were operating on the strip and fishermen had built houses there since the 1950s. Continue reading

Are Lebanon’s beaches clean?


Since 2005, the Environment and Development magazine has been monitoring water quality along the Lebanese coast for fecal coliform, which is an indicator that raw sewage is being discharged in the vicinity. These results are published every year to inform the public and help them decide on the upcoming season’s swimming destination. Dr Ghabi Khalaf, director of the National Center for Marine Science, who also perform similar monitoring, explained that the results may differ from month to month or even day to day because of the wastewater flow and other factors such as wind speed. Continue reading