Update: Water quality along Lebanon’s coast after the waste crisis

The National Center for Marine Sciences Research Center released an update of their previous study on beach pollution. Last October, the results of a sea pollution study were disclosed to the public and two days ago the results were updated with data from May 2016.It is important to note that what was released was a description of the results and not the actual results. The methodology of the study, such as which pollutants were measured, the actual level of each pollutant and the criteria used to judge their level of acceptability have not been disclosed. This information is necessary to properly understand the types and level of pollution. The following figure is an info graphic published by the press indicating the environmental condition of various locations of the Lebanese coast.

The following table contains the environmental status of specific coastal locations. The results are not really different from the previous ones but more locations are included here giving a more comprehensive look at the state of Lebanon’s beaches.

Area Specific Beach Location Condition Governorate
Akkar Facing Kaliaat Airport Acceptable North Lebanon
Minie Al Hilm Beach Acceptable North Lebanon
Tripoli Port- Facing Abdul Wahab lsland Polluted North Lebanon
Tripoli Port, Public Beach Polluted North Lebanon
Tripoli Facing Arab University Good North Lebanon
Anfeh Facing Natour Monastery Good North Lebanon
Al-Hirre / Chekka Saleh beach Good North Lebanon
Klbba/Batroun South of Salaata Chemical Plant Good North Lebanon
Batroun Facing Marine Science Cetner Good North Lebanon
Jbeil (Byblos} Bahsa Beach Good Mount Lebanon
Jbell (Byblos} Sandy Public Beach Good Mount Lebanon
Al Fidar Below Al Fidar  Bridge Good Mount Lebanon
Nahr Ibrahim Sandy beach near end of river Acceptable Mount Lebanon
Tabarja Rocky beach Acceptable Mount Lebanon
Maameltain Jounieh Bay  Facing Casino du Liban Good Mount Lebanon
Antelias End of River Polluted Mount Lebanon
Beirut Riviera,  Ain Mreisseh Acceptable Beirut
Beirut Manara Polluted Beirut
Beirut Ramtet ai-Balda Polluted Beirut
Damour End of Damour River Good South Lebanon
Sidon Sandy beach north of the Sidon Stadium Acceptable South Lebanon
Sidon Public beach Good South Lebanon
Sarafand Public beach Acceptable South Lebanon
Tyre Beach Reserve Good South Lebanon
Naqoura Rocky beach, North of Military Beach Good South Lebanon
Naqoura Rocky beach Good South Lebanon



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