The trash standoff has begun in Beirut and Mount Lebanon


With no suitable site secured to replace the Naameh landfill after the deadline of July 17 has passed, the inevitable has finally happened; Sukleen has stopped collecting garbage from Beirut and Mount Lebanon Sunday night. Protestors and activists have set up tents and blocked the road leading to Naameh landfill and have vowed not to allow garbage trucks to dump waste in the landfill. The Minister of Environment, Mohammed Al Mashnouq, is planning to implement a short term solution to avoid waste accumulation in garbage bins. The Minister hopes to dispose the waste throughout different regions of Lebanon. It has been almost a year and half since protesters first shut the landfill, a short term plan may alleviate trash accumulation in the capital for a few weeks, however, if no long term solution is found we can expect overflowing trash bins in Beirut to become a regular occurrence.

IMG_20150721_090928 IMG_20150721_090756

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