Smoke from flawed agriculture practices covers Lebanon’s north


Source: Kingshay

Every year Lebanese farmers trim their pear and other fruit trees in mid September to prepare for the apple season. During this period, the farmers have developed a habit of burning the agricultural waste produced during the trimming process t as a way of disposing of them. This results in white smoke covering the skyline over many villages in the north and residents complaining about the practice. Some are suggesting adopting more environmentally sound methods, such as using the waste as fertilizer.

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Unsustainable waste disposal practices have all contributed to the larger waste problem of Lebanon. One way to help alleviate this problem is to make use of the agricultural waste instead of throwing it away. There are already businesses that buy recycled plastic and metal and it seems reasonable to assume that creating industries that use agricultural waste could be a profitable way to get rid of this waste. The agricultural fibers found in the waste could be used to create paper or construction materials such as load bearing walls. Cogeneration facilities could create electricity and steam from a wide range of agricultural waste such as pits from fruits and tree prunings. There are many other examples around the world. Of course to implement such industries, a lot of research will need to be conducted to determine the most suitable use of the agricultural waste produced in Lebanon. Considering the local state of the economy and environment, now is the perfect opportunity to undertake such ventures.


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