Removal of Sidon’s “garbage mountain” reaps immediate rewards


Source: Wikipedia

One of the main adverse environmental impacts from Sidon’s “garbage mountain” had been the deterioration of marine life along that stretch of the coast, as nitrogen and heavy metals were spilling into the sea waters. About a month ago, through a UNDP and Ministry of Environment project, the garbage was removed and buried in a sanitary landfill nearby. A 2,200 meter long seawall was also constructed to protect the ecological environment.

The Municipality of Sidon recently conducted a survey of the marine life and fisheries in the vicinity of the previously polluted area and near the seawall. According to the findings of the survey, the environment has already seen tangible improvement. Building of the seawall and removal of the trash have reduced pollution of the sea water, contributing to reviving of marine life there.

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Monitoring activities aimed at ensuring that measures taken to improve environmental conditions have indeed had the desired effect are extremely important. First, they provide essential information to decision makers who wish to replicate the measures elsewhere – whether the measures were successful or not. Second, monitoring can be an incentive to future investment, demonstrating the positive impact of these solutions on the surrounding environment to interested stakeholders.


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