Traffic safety and the data problem of Lebanon

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Source: TMC Lebanon

Traffic safety has been a major issue in Lebanon since the 1990s; however none of the governments have committed to any serious measures to tackle this issue. There have been a few minor attempts to regulate the traffic but these actions were limited and never continuous.

In order to formulate effective traffic safety policies, there is an important need to organize traffic data. There are three stakeholders in Lebanon that deal with traffic data:

  1. Internal Security Forces – Publish data on number of accidents and number of deaths
  2. Lebanese Red Cross – Publish data on injuries and deaths from car accidents
  3. Various NGOs – Who work with traffic data published by the World Health Organization

Most countries collect traffic data through a national system that relies on databases from police and hospitals; no comprehensive system exists in Lebanon. There is no traffic data before 1980; and there has been a disparity between the traffic collected by Lebanese authorities and traffic data from the World Health Organization.

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Information and data collection is a major problem in Lebanon affecting various sectors; and when data is available it is not always reliable. The government does not publish all economic indicators and are also not very consistent in publishing them. Precipitation levels differ between different government agencies. There is a lack of cadastral data and obtaining specific data in certain areas is very difficult. This is considered to be a major constraint in the agricultural sector. Many factors contribute to this problem and without reliable data, development faces a major obstacle.


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