What is the solution to the Naameh Landfill problem?

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source: wikimapia.org

The Minister of Environment Mohammed Machnouk has denied claims by the Municipality of Jiye that the waste of Beirut and Mount Lebanon will be redirected from the controversial Naameh landfill to the coastal town. The president of the municipality of Jiye insists that a Jiye landfill plan is underway without any consultations with the stakeholders, explaining that if the plan is indeed implemented, it could have detrimental effects on the local economy which is heavily dependent on tourism. With 6 months remaining until the deadline of the closure of the Naameh landfill in January 2015, the Government of Lebanon has yet to offer a solution for this problem but promises a comprehensive plan that integrates recycling with the use of old quarries will soon be revealed.

Click here for original article (Arabic)

A breakdown in trust between the public and the government is a major obstacle to solving the solid waste problem in Lebanon. Any municipality will likely reject hosting the infamous landfill because of disastrous experiences in the last few decades, lack of information sharing and ineffective environmental enforcement.


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