Crop Water Requirements

According to agriculture experts Rimon Abi Saber and Jamil Obeid, households with gardens should plant crops that do not consume a large amount of water and avoid water intensive plants. Such water conserving crops include grape vines, olive trees, carob and figs. Obeid also stressed the importance of growing more trees than vegetables and ornamental plants; he explains that “fruit trees have longer roots, allowing them to use the groundwater. Vegetables require more watering as their roots are shorter”.

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The same philosophy can be applied on a national level. In order to adapt to the lack of rain and changing climate, crop selection will need to be done more carefully to conserve Lebanon’s water resources. Crop water requirements are dependent on a number factors and a thorough study will need to be conducted in order to figure out the water requirements for each plant. The factors include climate, land quality, target yield, seed variety, and crop management practices.


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