Water Awareness in Lebanon

The Minister of Environment Mohammed Machnouk on Thursday asked environmental groups for their input in raising awareness about water consumption. Machnouk explained that Beirut requires about 250,000 cubic meters of water a day; however, the government can only provide 130,000 cubic meters of water. This request comes after a disappointing level of rain this year. The ministry has offered some suggestions to reduce water consumptions such as fixing water leaks, using less toilet water and taking quicker showers.

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Water conservation techniques have already been discussed on this blog. The frequency of this topic on local media indicates the seriousness of this issue. The table below compares the average rain fall during March of three Lebanese regions with this year’s level in March:

Region Average rainfall (mm) Rainfall in 2014
Beirut 440 237.8
Central Bekaa 435 128
North Lebanon 454 340.9

Bekaa has the lowest levels compared to last year, as one of the agricultural regions in Lebanon this shortage will have serious implications to food production and security. These levels were recorded from the meteorological department of the Beirut International Airport. Earlier this year there were inconsistent recordings between this department and the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute. Without reliable and consistent measures between these government entities, developing a water strategy will be much more complicated.




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