Ministries of Environment and Industry set to tackle industrial pollution

The Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Environment have announced a memorandum of understanding between the two ministries on integrating common environmental indicators with the data on industrial enterprises. The Minister of Environment Mohammed Machnouk said that similar deals will be signed with other ministers; he added “preserving the environment is a common responsibility among all individuals and institutions.” The Minister of Industry Hussein Hajj Hasan said “Our main goal is to use clean energy in the manufacturing process instead of using fuel and diesel.”

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This is an important step in curbing pollution in Lebanon. Industrial activities are a major source pollution; about 294 companies discharge their industrial and chemical waste in the Litani River. The figure below contains the air pollutants from local industrial activities . Zouk Mikhael & Mousbeh in the Mount Lebanon district contains the highest amount of pollutants followed by Jieh Sibline, Saida, & Ghazieh in the South.

graph blog 2

Source: 2010 State and Trends of Lebanese Enivornment


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