Water Shortage In Lebanon

The dry climate and particularly the lack of rain are pushing Lebanon towards desertification. This year the amount of precipitation did not exceed 400 mm. The Ministry of Energy and Water estimates that during a drought Lebanon needs about 1480 billion m3 per year to get by. The storage capabilities of Lebanon’s dams only have enough space to store 1097 billion m3, a 400 million m3 deficit. The advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Water Ziad Zakhour explains “the government did not implement any water project during the last three years, currently efforts are focused on the completion of seven dams that under construction.” The strategic plan set by the ministry calls for the construction of about 50 dams all over Lebanon.

Click here for the original article (Arabic)

Another way to confront this water shortage is through water conservation at the household level. Water saving faucets can be installed to save excessive use of water from shower heads and sinks. Insulating water pipes with foam pipes would heat the water faster and reduce the amount of water wasted while it heats up. Small scale rainwater harvesting has been used all over the world and this provides households with a new source of water. For example, in Berlin some buildings collect water from their rooftop that is stored in a basement tank. This water is used for toilet flushing, watering of green areas, and for an artificial pond.


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